Our host for this race is the Big Fork Community Center. There is no fee to this run, we only ask for a donation to the Community Center. This run is actually one of their biggest fund raisers of the year. Mrs. Serena Williams opens up and makes sure everything is ready for the runners. She and her husband always have the hot wood stove going and the members of the Big Fork community bring us delicious home baked goods to enjoy. So please, please show the community your appreciation and donate what you can. Thank you very much.
Ouachita Amateur Radio Association – Mena provides communication for our race. This is essential since cell phone coverage is poor. Mostly you have to be on top of a mountain to get service and our aid stations are in the valleys.
Arkansas Ultra Running Association is dedicated to promoting ultra and trail running in and around the state of Arkansas. This race is part of the AURA Ultra Trail Series. The AURA provides assistance with trail maintenance, registration and website management.
Fleetfeet Easyrunner is waiting for you at Blaylock Creek. For Fun Runners, it’s time to turn around. Marathoners, your fun is just beginning. They will send you on your way fueled up and ready to climb.
Sellers Heat And Air – Mr. Sellers is a dedicated volunteer to the trail running community and ABF. His work ethic is unparalleled. He has helped many of us in the trail community with our heat and air needs. He’s fast, efficient, and fair. We are fortunate to have him in our community.
Team Texarkana Triathletes – T3 This great group from Texarkana runs the Turn Around Aid Station in Athens. They will have what you need to turn around and make it back over all 8 mountains.