Aid Stations / Cutoffs

All aid stations will be fully stocked with your typical aid station fare (Yes – there will be the famous Arkansas Crepes at Blaylock Creek!)

Please bring your own cup or handheld because the race will be cupless this year.

Post-race food will be catered by Cheryl with the Big Fork Mall, but you must pre-purchase a meal ticket. There will be no race-day meal ticket purchases.


Little Missouri Trailhead

Mile 3.8 Outbound & Mile 22.4 Inbound

3:42PM Cutoff (Mile 22.4)

Blaylock Creek West Trailhead

Mile 8.5 Outbound & Mile 17.7 Inbound

10:30AM Cutoff (mile 8.5) for marathon runners

Turn Around (Forest Rd B23F – Southern Trailhead)

Mile 13.1 – the turn around


Little Missouri Trailhead

Mile 3.8 Outbound

Blaylock Creek West Trailhead – Turnaround

Mile 8.5 Outbound – Turnaround for 17 mile fun run only